About Us

Thanks for visiting the page. This site is developed by a group of passionate developers who love to find solutions of different common problems online. One of our venture is Pinterest Video Downloader that let you save the videos, photos, and GIFs from Pinterest in easy way.

As all of us know Pinterest doesn’t support to download any pin whether it is vide, picture, or any GIF. This looks quite frustrating if you can’t save and share your favorite pin with others as media file. To get this facility, you can simply use my tool and enjoy your most favorite media in your device.

We are not linked to Pinterest or any other platform. All the videos are fetched via API that is public from social media platform and anyone can access. Moreover, we don’t collect any type of data from you. We just need the Pin’s link that you want to download and that’s all.

So go ahead and give a try to our downloader tool. You won’t be disappointed.