How To Rearrange Pinterest Boards – Organize Your Boards And Sections

Pinterest is one of the most engaging and entertaining platforms around the globe having a diverse form of audience. It enables the people to share useful, interesting, and inspiring ideas with the people and gives them a chance to connect with like-minded people. But it gets pretty harder to keep every shared thing organized, in a sequence, and a sense of losing everything at once always keeps a perplexity in the mind of the user. But, fortunately, it’s not complex to keep everything managed accurately with Pinterest Board sections. Pinterest Boards are extremely helpful to keep the pins organized, especially with our detailed guide below. We’ll teach you “How To Rearrange Pinterest Boards” easily. Have you found interesting image and want to download Pinterest Image?

How to Move My Pinterest Boards

Steps To Rearrange Pinterest Boards

  • Log In To Pinterest Account

Log in to your Pinterest account, using the Browser or Pinterest Mobile app. Don’t worry, there isn’t any significant difference between the browser and app’s login. Both have same procedure. But make sure you have the latest version of Mobile App, if you are going to login and re-arrange the Pinterest Board from your mobile app.

  • Select The Board

Select the board, you want to re-arrange the sections into. Make sure to select the only one, you want to re-arrange. Selecting any different one, wouldn’t get you the required results. Select the “Saved” portion of the Pinterest profile to view all the saved boards. Then look for the one you want to re-arrange.

  • Click At “+ Add Section”

When you get onto a board section, choose for the “Organize” button. Then it will pop up two options for you.

 “Select or Reorder Pins”

 Group Pins into Sections

You’ll have to choose the Option “Select or Reorder Pins”. It will help you to re-order or re-arrange the pins into the sequence you want them be into.

  • Re-Arrange The Section

Once you selected the option of re-arranging the pins, you’ll be needed to arrange the pins in an order you want them to be. You can add names for each as well. You can also add new pins into the board by tapping at “Add Section”, but only if needed.

  • Its Done

Great ! You’ve successfully re-arranged the existing pins in an order of your desire. You can still create new or can re-arrange them on Pinterest board. For that sake you can re-read our guide above.

The Significance Of Re-Arranging The Pinterest Boards

There are several reasons to put some time in it to learn the re-arrangement of Pinterest boards, but here are few given below:

  • It is easy for Pinterest to find the Pins.
  • It is also pretty easy for followers to find the pins, because they are visible and organized in a structured way.
  • Pinterest recommends its users to keep everything organized, that’s why they have designed this feature.

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Final Words

Its pretty simple, just get onto you Pinterest board and find for the option to re-arrange them and you are good to go. If you are willing to add something new. You can get it from the add section. Which will help you to add the new pins on the board, which will be more organized and eye catchy to the viewers. If you are still un-able to re-arrange the board. Just read our guide and you’ll be done with it.

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