How to Unpin Something on Pinterest – Steps To Delete Pins And Boards

Were you struggling to find out the way that “How to unpin something on Pinterest” ? No worries anymore, it’s pretty simple with our detailed guide to unpin or delete the pin you’ve pinned at Pinterest.

How to Unpin Something on Pinterest on Mobile

How to Unpin Something on Pinterest on Mobile ?

Login to your Pinterest account

Login to your Pinterest account :

Priorly, you are needed to login to your Pinterest account, where you’ve pinned anything before, and now are willing to unpin.

Tap on the Icon

Tap on the Icon

Tap on the person shaped icon. It will be on the bottom right, if you are using an iphone, but it would be at top right corner, if you are using an android device.

Board Section

Tap on the Icon

Now, Tap on the board section and then at the section where you’ve pinned the post.

Open the Pin:

Open the Pin :

After opening it successfully, now tap on the Pin, and hold it. It will be opened.

Drag it to “Edit” icon

Drag it to “Edit” icon   :

Drag it down there between the push-pin and paper airplane icons. Then release your fingers from the screen. Right there an edit menu will appear.

Edit Pin

Edit Pin

Tap on the option “Edit the Pin”.

When you’ll see at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find an option to delete/unpin the post.

Confirm It

Tap Delete

Now, tap “Delete” to confirm it, to unpin your Pinterest post.

How to Unpin something on Desktop?

It isn’t that much different from the existing guide, but a bit changes are required to tackle in case of unpinning something when you are going to execute it through desktop. People also Unpin the pins to re-arrange the boards and make their profiles well managed.

  • Open the Pinterest site :

First of all, open the Pinterest and login to your account where you are required to unpin something from your pinterest account.

  • Tap on profile icon :

Find an icon on the top right corner of your desktop. You’ll find a person shaped icon. Just tap on it.

  • Click a board :

After going through it, you’ll find multiple options. Right there you’ll find an option to view multiple pins. Just go through it.

  • Drag your mouse cursor on a Pin :

Just look through around the pins and find the one you want to remove. Drag your mouse’s cursor to the one you want to remove.

  • Tap in the Pencil icon :

At top of the pun’s card you’ll see an option you’ll find an “Edit” icon. Tap on it too.

  • Click delete Pin :

Find a “Delete” button popping up in the bottom left corner of your desktop. Tap on it to delete the pin. It will be deleted permanently.

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Final Words

Pinterest is a globally used social platform for people to post and share their pictures, images and thoughts. Usually individuals to show something particular, they sometimes pin something at the Top of their profile mistakenly or intentionally and want later to remove. But it becomes a matter of perplexity when they couldn’t unpin it and that keeps sustained right there at Top of their profile unnecessarily and this is where our ultimate guide comes out to guide you through the procedure. Either you are an android user, and iPhone user or even a desktop user. Our brief guide, helps you to unpin anything pinned on Pinterest. If you feel anything confusing, just read through our simple guide. It will never disappoint you

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