How To Use Hashtags On Pinterest – Ultimate Guide To Get More Traffic

If we go back years there were rumors that people should not use hashtags. But from 2017 onward it was allowed by Pinterest that everyone can use hashtags for the promotion of their brand or anything they want to advertise on social media market places. But the problem still exist because many people don’t know how to use hashtags on Pinterest. You will get ultimate guide in this article to use hashtags on Pinterest.

How to use hashtags on Pinterest

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are basically words that do not contain any spaces in it and represented by # symbol. When user adds hashtags in their content on Pinterest , users can approach to your content. Hashtags are widely used by bloggers and marketers. Furthermore, hashtags are also used on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. In short, it’s good tool if you want to approach more quickly to your target audience.

Benefits Of Adding Hashtags On Pinterest

  • Hashtags help pinners to find your desired data. When you create your hashtag for your pin, if your hashtag will be relevant to your pin than it will be easy for your target audience to reach to your pin or post.
  • Hashtag is a tool that enables you to find your desired content easily , because it works just like an keyword.
  • As discussed earlier, hashtags are same like as keywords they make the search easy for user to reach to your conversations or your content. Previously that technique was used by Twitter but hashtags are used on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • The best thing about to share hashtags on Pinterest is that users see a lot of recent posts¬† so that user can find easily his/her desired content.

All these benefits are combined together and they give can you a tremendous growth for your e-commerece product/profile/blog.

How You Will Use Hashtags On Pinterest Properly

Hashtags tags can give you an excellent and remarkable growth for your blog, if you know that how to use hashtags in your Pinterest posts correctly.

Where you add pin, here hashtags are used. There is a space of 500 characters in which you can add data regarding your blogpost and also you can add description of your product or brand here. Blog post recognize it as call to action, hashtag, or a keyword. People love the accounts that have organized boards and pins on their account. If you know how to re-arrange Pinterest Boards, your account can grow really well.

Everyone should add hashtags at the end of the post, this is because if you add hashtags at the start of the blogpost, the user will look on hashtags more rather than looking on the description or the content and then user will not come to know that what the post is about. If you will write a long description than it will show your description as MORE tag.

Note: If you are annoyed with emails, you can stop emails from Pinterest and use your device more conveniently.


User should have smart approach while using hashtags means. User should have specific, measurable, realistic approach. There are two types of such hashtags:

  • Broad hashtags
  • Specific hashtags

Pinterest allows that you can use maximum 20 hashtags in description of pins but it is recommended that you should not use hashtags more than 6 or 7.


In this article we discussed about how to use hashtags on Pinterest. It is a good tool to reach your desired content easily. And you feel less difficulty to find your desired content. And even it is very easy for bloggers and marketers to promote their brand or business. Furthermore, it is an easy way to manage your posts and reach to exact audience. Hope this article was informative for you.

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